Friday, November 18, 2011

wrinkles is back

last year mason was so excited to take home his class stuffed animal wrinkles for the week. every student gets to spend a week with wrinkles. this year they have a new wrinkles and this was his week to take him home. yay. so fun. for his special week he got to share something with the class everyday.

monday he brought in a poster with photos of his family. he also brought in five objects to share that tell something about him. he brought his favorite book knuffle bunny, favorite movie star wars, a picture of him in gym class, a photo of his favorite museum the discovery science center, and his favorite snack a red bell pepper.

tuesday he brought in a photo of his favorite stuffed animal rudolph the reindeer.

wednesday he wore his favorite star wars shirt.

thursday he shared his favorite lego toy.

friday he had me, dahlia, and connor visit his class and answer questions from his classmates. he was so excited to see us there.

we had to give wrinkles back today with a journal and photos from our adventures during the week. it was fun. mason wanted to share all of his favorite things with wrinkles. we took wrinkles to the lego store, the discovery science center, and the little gym. we also had lots of picnics in our backyard with wrinkles. the week went by too fast though and mason was sad to have it end.

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