Tuesday, March 20, 2012

zoo visit

we went to the zoo today. so fun. i love going on outings during the week. jen and ray met us there with their kids. it is their anniversary today. eight years. they were so nice to let me crash their celebration.

we had a great time at the zoo. the zoo is hit or miss for me. sometimes i really don't enjoy myself but today was definitely a hit. they opened up a new exhibit they call the lair (living amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles) that is really cool. i was impressed. it has a beautiful design. it looks very lush and tropical and green inside. such a lovely place to put all those poisonous snakes. my favorite part was the cool turtle pond with glass sides so you can watch the turtles swim under water. i think the kids favorite part was the large snake sculpture outside that they could climb and hide in. mason was on a quest to see a scorpion which we eventually found for him later in the caves. connor had a blast. he was super excited to see all the different animals and would scream and point excitedly at them.

later in the evening i watched bodhi and kira so jen and ray could sneek out for an anniversary dinner. the kids were super good and loved playing together outside while i cooked dinner with kira. happy anniversary jen and ray. eight years of love. so nice.

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