Sunday, March 11, 2012

chugga chugga choo choo

we went to our friend maya's third birthday party this morning. they had the party at travel town. we love travel town. it is this cool park near our house that has all these realy old trains that the kids can look at and some they can climb. i don't know why i don't take them there more often. probably because we are always so busy doing other things. every weekend seems booked lately.

miles was of course working so it was just me with the three kids. i was a little worried that i would have a hard time keeping track of them but they were really good and pretty much stayed near me. they had a blast just running around on the grass and climbing rocks. i forget how easily kids are entertained when they are outside.

our favorite part other than the chocolate cupcakes was of course riding the little train. this was definitely the highlight of the party. the cute little train takes you around the park twice. so fun. it was really nice to see my old friends from work and great for the kids to get to play. they were all so tired after the party that connor fell fast asleep before i drove out of the parking lot.

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