Monday, March 26, 2012


we went to another kid party this weekend. party party party. that's us. this one was for a friend's little girl lily who turned two. so cute. they were going to have swimming and a bounce house but it ended up pouring rain so the swimming and bounce house were cancelled. instead they had a little bunny petting zoo brought in with about six little bunnies that the kids could sit with and pet. my kids were so in love with the bunnies. dahlia was the first one to jump in the pen with them but mason was the one who never wanted to get out. it was adorable to see them play with the bunnies. we have wild bunnies that are always running around our backyard but they won't let you near them. it was a real treat for them to get to pet a bunny and feed it some carrots.

we didn't stay too long. the party was in their garage and the rain really started coming down so we were freezing. we had a super long drive home and of course the kids all fell asleep. i got completely soaked carrying them to the house from the car. it felt really good to change into dry clothes and just hang out at home for the rest of the day sipping hot tea and reading my book. yay for sundays.

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Stephanie said...

So cute! I want a pet bunny so bad! I think I'd let it hop around the house though.