Monday, March 19, 2012

angry birds party

happy birthday bodhi! bodhi turned four this week so jen and ray threw a party to celebrate. they had the party at our house. it was our usual kid party. we were expecting it to rain so jen didn't bother renting a bounce house for the kids. that was fine. it didn't really rain but it was a bit cold out so most people just hung out inside.

bodhi wanted an angry birds theme for his party. angry birds is this silly computer game where you use a slingshot to launch birds at some pigs. i guess the birds are angry that the pigs have stolen their eggs. whatever. it is this crazy fad that all the kids are into right now. so in keeping with the theme of the party jen served fried chicken, deviled eggs, and pigs in a blanket. it was quite an ordeal for ray to fry enough chicken to serve thirty people. my kitchen still smells like fried chicken. everyone said it was delicious though.

they had an egg hunt in the backyard where each kid could find four different colored eggs filled with little toys such as a slinky or eraser. they also had lots of cardboard bricks that the kids could stack and perch a pig on top. then they could throw a angry bird at it and knock it down. this was great fun for mason and bodhi. i think everyone had a great time. christina helped me make chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for dessert. yum. really though. throwing a party is such hard work. i don't know if i will be fully recovered in time for kira'a party in three weeks!

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