Thursday, May 3, 2012

huntington library

we took the kids to the huntington library today. we ordered our free tickets a month ago. wow. it was so beautiful. jen, ray, bodhi, and kira met me and my kids there. we only had three hours to look around and really that is not enough time. i'm not sure what was different about this visit but i was completely taken with the place. so were the kids. it was overwhelming to be surrounded by all the beautiful flowers. i wasn't really expecting to fall in love with it but there i was wishing i could stay or come back whenever i like. it is just the right time to see and enjoy all of the flowers. simply gorgeous.

the kids of course wanted to go to the children's section and see the rainbow tunnel right away. they had so much fun running around in there. it was pretty hard to keep track of them. they were all running in different directions. that was fun but dahlia fell down and hurt her knee so she wanted to leave. why i don't carry bandaids is beyond me. i really need to stock my purse.

i was so impressed with how much the kids loved the gardens. they really had a blast seeing the fish in the koi pond and walking everywhere. i was thinking i should get a membership. i don't get out with them often enough. at least in a completely natural setting plus it was such good exercise for me. it is a little expensive though. jen and i are hoping they do a groupon again. that would be perfect.

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