Friday, May 11, 2012

sand box

we finally put some sand in our sand box. we had filled it up for mason's fifth birthday party and after a year it was a disgusting mess so i cleaned it out and it has been empty for at least six months. i was super excited about filling it up again. summer is coming and the kids love to play in the sand. miles doesn't like all the sand that ends up in the house but i say who cares. they are only young once. i like that they are happy to play in a sand box. why would we deny them that joy because of a little mess? besides, miles doesn't clean up around here anyway so i don't really know why he would be complaining.

he was a good sport though and took the kids with him to the hardware store to buy the sand. the kids had a great time helping him put the sand in the box. as soon as he poured it they jumped in and started building sand castles. i am excited about summer. we are going have so much fun here.

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