Thursday, May 24, 2012

open house

we got to visit mason's kindergarten class today for open house. it was so cute. i love all the artwork and crafts that they do. everything is just so sweet. mason was so proud showing us all his work hanging up around the class. he is such a sweet kid. they had a whole farming theme with lots of artwork about growing things and farms. they planted carrot seeds.

i really love mason being in kindergarten. i am getting sad thinking of him moving on to first grade. he will be in school for a longer day. two hours longer and i will miss him. i really like his teacher. she was cute and told me she will really miss having mason in her class. she said she will have to pick dahlia for her class when she goes to kindergarten. that would be great. i enrolled dahlia in preschool for next year so we have a year to wait before she can be in kindergarten. she missed the cutoff date by 22 days. that is fine with me. i am not in a hurry for these kids to grow up. they can just stay little.

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