Saturday, May 19, 2012

school fair

yay. the school fair. we had so much fun this year at zena's school fair. the kids were super excited to go. it was perfect. there were not too many people there and the weather was just right. mason and dahlia loved the inflated obstacle course and of course eating lots of cotton candy.

connor is still really too young to enjoy the fair. he was getting cranky so i left mason and dahlia with my mom and christina and took him over to the playground. he had a blast playing on the slides. he was so cute. i like that he is at an age where he can go on the slides by himself. jen and kira joined us at the playground.

the only downfall of the day was that mason and dahlia had too much sugar. they had cotton candy and a snow cone. mason was so hyper that he would not stop talking the whole drive home. he had a really hard time falling asleep. he was still awake when we got home and i could hear miles in the bedroom with him saying "mason stop talking, mason stop talking, mason stop talking." it was kind of funny.

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