Thursday, May 10, 2012

mothers day crafting

dahlia and i have been super busy this week making mothers day gifts for her grandmas and aunts. for our first project she painted these adorable girls and flowers with water colors. i took the paintings and then scanned them and printed them on transfer paper which i ironed onto canvas grocery bags. we plan on giving the bags to her aunts. i think the bags are so cute i plan on making one for me too.

for our second craft project we cut out paper flowers and used double sided tape to create a pop up mothers day card that looks like a bouquet. it is so pretty. the instructions are on martha stewart's website here. of course all this crafting has taken much longer than i thought it would so we are way behind schedule for our mothers day party. oh well. who needs sleep anyway.

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ray said...

Dahlia looks like Luna Lovegood in the top photo! Who is, of course, one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.