Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of july

what a fun july 4th we had. we went to jen and rays house in santa monica again. we showed up on the 3rd and had a sleepover. we walked to the bluffs to see the bel-air bay club firework show. the kids loved it. christina and zena came too.

in the morning we all got ready and went to the beach. we walked this time since we had the boys with us to help carry the strollers up and down the stairs. we also didn't want to deal with traffic on a holiday.

it was a little cold and cloudy so that was kind of a drag. it didn't stop the kids from heading straight to the water though. ray and i spent most of our time in the water with the kids this time. miles conveniently didn't wear his swim trunks so i was the one who had to get soaked. ray took the kids out super far and was jumping in the waves. they loved it. dahlia insisted i go out as deep as ray. i didn't get out quite as far but pretty deep for me. it was fun. while dahlia and bodhi played in the waves mason, connor, and zena were digging for sand crabs. they would catch some and watch them dig and swim in their bucket. they were completely fascinated with them. i remember doing the same thing when i was a kid.

when we were tired of the beach we went back to jen and rays house for barbecue chicken and corn on the cob. we decided to not stay and go see fireworks like we usually do since we had seen some the night before. it worked out perfect because we were all exhausted after a full day at the beach.

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