Tuesday, July 10, 2012


dahlia is now taking ballet and tap lessons. we started them at the end of june. she has been asking for ballet lessons for quite a while now. i finally found a studio and signed her up for the summer session to see if she liked the classes. now that she loves them i went ahead and signed her up for fall classes as well.

we are taking classes at the revolution dance center in montrose. they are a pretty big dance studio offering tons of classes for all ages. she is in the 3-4 year old class called totrevolution. the little girls are so cute. dahlia is in heaven. the first part of class they do tap and then they change shoes and work on ballet moves. it is very sweet. i am excited about the fall classes. i think they have a performance during christmas. she is going to love it.

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Anonymous said...

Dahlia is so pretty in her dance outfit! I had friends who studied dance....I couldn't get the hang of dancing with a guy, but I liked our high school modern dance class.
Are the boys taking anything comparable? I was thinking of something like karate. Not for Connor, of course, at his age. Dahlia was performing for me last visit; was she in class then? It's too hot to continue this now; the sun is on this side of the house. Check you later. Love, Granny/Momer