Sunday, July 29, 2012

river trip

we are home from the river. what a fun trip we had this year. i was so happy to have miles join us. it was so much easier taking care of three little kids with another adult helping. we stayed at the same echo lodge resort we always stay at. this year we had three campsites. my brother and his friends decided they did not want to sleep outside and they rented a trailer like us. we shared our trailer with jen, ray, bodhi, kira, and susan. there were kids and stuff everywhere. so fun and super messy!

all the kids were excited to be at the river. as soon as we got there they jumped out of the car and ran to the water. that is pretty much where they were the whole trip. swimming in the water and playing in the sand. it was crazy hot there. over 100 degrees during the day. it usually takes me a day to get used to it. i always have a moment when i am unpacking our stuff and i ask myself "why do we come here?" of course by wednesday i am wanting time to slow down so our vacation can last longer.

we were lucky and didn't have any drama this year. hurray! no boats sinking or trips to the emergency room, just lots of relaxing by the water. we did all our favorite river activities like water skiing, riding the sea-doos, swimming, cooking outside, playing games at night, and gazing at the stars. dahlia was such a little fish. she would be in the water all day. it was so nice to spend the week with the family. we all got a little sad when it was time to pack up and drive away. "goodbye river" the kids and i chanted while we drove away. see you next year.

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