Thursday, July 5, 2012

the gardens

even though we were super tired today we got up early to go the huntington gardens. we had free tickets that we ordered a month ago. jen had to work in the afternoon so we got the morning tickets. it was a good thing that we went in the morning. by time we were leaving at 1:30 it was already getting super hot out. the morning was nice and cool.

we didn't have a long time there. we went straight to the children's section and let the kids run around. that is their favorite part. on our way there we came across some snails. they were all fascinated with the snails and moved them out of the walkway so no one would step on them. after the children's section we had a short while to explore the chinese gardens. it was very beautiful. i was surprised that in the two months since we had been there the flowers had already changed so much. there were not as many flowers as spring time. still it was beautiful. the poor kids were so tired that they all started melting down when it was time to go. all three of them fell asleep on the drive home. i have to say i need a nap too.

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