Tuesday, July 3, 2012

swim playdate

we went to mason's friend andrew's house to swim. he still has the same best friend from school that he met two years ago. i really like that they are still so attached. i was thinking they might get bored and move on to new friends but no. i am so glad. he is a really sweet boy and i love his mom. andrew is going to italy for a month so this was our last chance to get together before they leave next week. why does summer go by so fast?

we met at their community pool for a swim. the pool was empty so we had a great time swimming. i even let dahlia and mason swim without their swim vest on. dahlia is getting so good at swimming. she does great. mason still seems to forget to hold his breath while swimming and ends up sucking up water sometimes. he is getting better though.

when we were tired of swimming we went to their house for a pizza and salad lunch.the boys played legos upstairs while dahlia and connor played outside with me. we had such a nice visit. i am really going to miss them.

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