Saturday, October 5, 2013

mason is eight

mason turned eight today. wow. time is just flying by. it kind of makes me sad. he is so grown up now. eight seems very grown up to me. at least he is my oldest child and not my youngest. i still get to play with connor. mason is very sweet though and still likes to snuggle with me. thank goodness for that.

we started our day with lounging in the big bed and then miles and i surprised mason with his birthday present. a giant castle lego set. he was very excited but not at all surprised because dahlia spilled the beans about his gift two weeks ago. it did not take away from his excitement though. he got to work right away building it. miles helped and they had the whole castle done by lunch time.

miles' mom came to visit for the weekend to celebrate his birthday with us. we had a yummy salmon dinner and then mason blew out eight candles on a pumpkin pie. his favorite. i bought the movie "the croods" and the kids got to stay up late watching it. happy birthday mason. i love you very much.

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