Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of july

yesterday was a great day. miles and i took the kids to jen and ray's house to celebrate the 4th of july. christina and zena were meeting us there also. we got there at 2:00 and walked to the beach. it was a short 6 block walk. so nice. mason and zena loved playing in the waves. ray and i spent most of the time in the water with the kids while miles, christina and jen watched the babies under the umbrella. i forgot how much fun it is to play in the waves. i usually just sit on my towel and relax.

ray dug a big hole in the sand and mason jumped in. ray then filled in the hole and buried mason up to his waist. jen announced that this was a very dangerous thing to do, and he could be killed. "people have been killed ray, people get in a hole and the sides collapse and then they are buried alive" so funny. when did jen become so paranoid?

we walked back to jen and ray's for dinner and then drove to see the fireworks. it was an easy 10 minute drive to the fireworks. i was feeling lazy and didn't really want to go, but i was so glad i did. mason loved them. he was laughing and pointing. dahlia even seemed to enjoy them after the initial shock.

the best part was when we got back to jen and ray's and all the kids fell asleep. amazing. we opened some wine and all sat around the table talking and laughing. everyone except for miles who was sacked out with the kids. it was so fun to have a sleepover at sisters.

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