Saturday, July 5, 2008

visiting the pier

today the fun continued with a walk to the pier. ray's sister drove down this morning to see bodhi and spend the day with us. we took all the kids to the pier. it has been a while since i have visited the pier and i forgot about all the games and rides. of course mason and dahlia fell asleep on the walk there. i was so excited for mason to see the pier and then he just crashed out in his stroller. i was glad that he woke up before it was time to go back home. zena was having so much fun playing all the games. she won so many stuffed toys we had to load them up in the stroller.

miles won a teddy bear for dahlia doing the basketball toss. thank goodness it was a small one and not like the giant spongebob that he won for mason when mason was a baby. we don't have room for another large toy.

a trip to the pier wouldn't be complete without ice cream so we stopped for gelato on the walk back home. it was so good. mmmm. i wish i had some right now.

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