Wednesday, July 16, 2008

carnival time

yesterday my sisters and i took all the kids to the fair. how weird is it that i had never been to a fair before. sure, i have been to the tiny school fairs, but never the county fair. wow. it is huge. i had so much fun. it was such a trip. there is the weirdest food i have ever heard of. deep fried snickers, deep fried twinkies with strawberry and chocolate sauce, texas donuts the size of your head. it was so funny. i thought my sister was making it up when she said there would be deep fried snickers. that is so gross. we managed to make it through the fair without eating anything bad for us. jen was a bit disappointed. she wanted to be a little bad. it is after all the fair. we saw the animals and mason rode rides. i let him go on the rides without a (gasp) adult. i was a little bit (lot) paranoid. zena rode with him and i stood on the side praying i mean waving. the rides looked a bit sketchy to me. they had paint chipping and rattled around a lot. that would never be allowed at disney. he lived though and had a great time. i can't wait to go back.

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