Thursday, July 24, 2008


we met jen and ray at legoland yesterday for another day of fun. it is jen's last week at home with bodhi so we are hanging out everyday. hurray. we had never been to legoland so it was cool to do something new. mason had so much fun. we took turns taking him on rides. the park has an interesting style. they really make all the rides look like they are made of legos. it was fun. there is a large display of many famous cities and buildings recreated out of legos.

i really wanted to go out for mexican food and margaritas afterward, but the kids were exhausted. maybe next time. summer is almost over and i still have not had a margarita.


Anonymous said...

I finally remembered to check this out again; now I know why you weren't home when I called Wednesday. Glad you were having a good time. Dahlia looks so cute helping with the dishes! So she's crawling all the time now! While my back's turned...Love you all. (from Mom/Granny)

katherine said...

no margaritas! oh, that is a shame. i should come over some weekend with queso and tequilla.