Wednesday, July 30, 2008

new toys

yesterday and today were very exciting days at our house. we got a new swing set for mason and dahlia. yay. we decided that we would either go away for a romantic weekend getaway or use the money to buy a swing set for the kids. hmmm. funny how my life has changed. we bought the endless adventures playcenter playground from little tikes. it is so cool. i am looking out my kitchen window at it while i type this. we decided on this one because it looks nice and doesn't need the yearly upkeep that a wooden set needs. we already have some teak furniture that needs sanding and finishing yearly. i can't imagine miles having to do that for a playset also. so yes, it is plastic. i kind of feel bad about buying a giant plastic playset for them, but the plastic is recyclable. sorry earth. i am a crap "green" mom. oh well, we love it. i am hoping it brings them many many years of joy.

miles had fun putting it together. we all hung outside watching and helping him. mason ran outside first thing this morning and slid down the slide in his pajamas. miles finished assembling it today. the kids loved playing on the swings. i can't wait for my niece zena to come over on saturday to play with mason. they will have so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Well, I came back to the site to try to get it into my favorites and found something new! It looks good; I'm glad they have something to take them outside for a while. I love to watch Mason play on the computer and I recognize the value there, but I still think kids need to be outdoors more than most of them are these days. Good for you! (Mom/Granny)

jennifer said...

Wow the swing set looks great! I know Mason is going to love playing on it.

ray said...

You mean the Mason's old Buncle Ray Playset has been replaced?!? I bet I can still make him dizzier than that thing :P