Sunday, July 13, 2008

pirate party

yesterday was my niece zena's seventh birthday party. my sister threw her a large pool party with all her school friends. there were about 20 kids and 30 adults there. mason and dahlia had a great time. there was a small blow up pool on the grass next to the large pool that mason swam in. after most of the kids had gone home, we let mason and dahlia play in the jacuzzi. mason loves to swim. i really need to sign him up for some swim lessons. the party turned out great. i was really worried about someone drowning, so we had a designated lifeguard at both the kiddy pool and large pool. we rotated the lifeguards every half hour so they could enjoy the party also. we were all completely exhausted when the party ended. we got home at six and just relaxed.

today we are going to my parents house to celebrate the rest of the july birthdays. july is a big birthday month in my family. three of my five siblings are born in july. my brother-in-law ray and my niece zena also have their birthdays in july. whew. it's a busy month.

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