Sunday, July 20, 2008

history museum

jen, christina and i took the kids to the museum of natural history today. i loved it. i was so impressed. i thought it would be boring, but it was really cool. mason and zena had a great time. there was an outdoor butterfly exhibit where you could walk through tons of live butterflies flying all around you. it was so pretty. they also had a table set up outside the exhibit where kids could draw butterflies and make butterflies out of colored tissue and pipe cleaners. mason and zena made their own butterflies and were so excited. it was fun to watch mason get into the crafts. i can't wait to do some projects with him at home. i think he is finally old enough.

the museum itself looked just like that movie night at the museum. it was so funny. i kept thinking the animals were going to come to life and chase us around.

there was a discovery center that had live animals. the turtles here are real. i have no idea how the little one climbed up on the big one. i guess he was trying to reach the escape latch on top and needed a boost.

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