Monday, July 13, 2009

back to the beach

we decided to head back to the beach this weekend and try again. this trip was much better than last week. the weather was perfect. nice and warm with a light breeze. we didn't bring as much stuff this time. anything that wasn't used last time was left behind. mason had a blast. he was running up and down the beach. splashing in the water and digging big holes in the sand. the neighboring kids came over to our little beach site to all play in the sand with our kids and sand toys. it was a perfect trip.

as soon as the kids started to get cranky we walked back to jen and ray's house. we all took showers and then made fajitas for dinner. mmmm. they were so good. i just love the feeling of a shower after a day at the beach. something about washing off the sticky suntan lotion and sand while your skin still buzzes from the heat of the sun. it is just a little bit of heaven.

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