Friday, July 24, 2009

painting day

today was painting day. i helped mason and dahlia paint some wooden toys outside while miles painted our bedroom inside. i think we got the better deal. the kids were so excited to paint. we have only used watercolors before so this was a big deal. mason has been learning how to mix colors to create new colors so i thought it was time for some real paint. we didn't really get around to mixing many colors today. mason painted his wooden tank and then helped dahlia finish painting her wooden train. by then they had paint all over their clothes and i decided it was time to swim.

i think next week we will paint again. on paper. i need to get a mixing tray so we can combine colors. i can't wait. it sounds so fun. oh and the bedroom looks great. miles did a wonderful job. our old paint was starting to peel off in some places so it was badly in need of a touch up.

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Stephanie Lyn said...

I think it's so sweet how Mason is always helping/leading Dahlia with things. Such a good brother.