Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i am getting bored with my old recipes. i have decided to try out some new things this week. today i made this tabbouleh salad from ina garten's show "barefoot contessa."

it was really good. i did not serve it in pita pockets with big chunks of feta like she suggested. instead i cut up the feta and just tossed it in the salad. i just served it in a bowl. i also left out the green onion (i don't like it) and mint (miles doesn't like it.) mmmm. i thought it was a yummy lunch although miles felt like the flavors got a bit monotonous. that is true. it might be better as a side dish.


Anonymous said...

it needs the mint!

jennifer said...

I agree that it really needs the mint. You should try it again with the onion and mint and see if you like it better.