Tuesday, July 28, 2009

swimming at susies

jen and i took the kids to go swimming at my sister susan's house. her complex has a pool. she was working, but she gave us the key so we could swim. it was so nice to swim in a big pool. i wish we had one in our backyard. we would swim all the time. mason made lots of friends at the pool. there were three young boys that were splashing and playing with him. dahlia was happy to float around in her little boat. bodhi wasn't sure if he wanted to be in the pool or out so he kept jumping in and out. poor jen got so tired chasing after him. i got tired just watching her.

after swimming we decided we needed to get frozen yogurt. pink for mason of course. it was such a great day. we ended up staying late and having dinner at my mom's house. it was so fun i think we will go again next week. susan is going to get sick of us.

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Susan said...

You are welcome any time. Glad you had fun.