Thursday, July 16, 2009

concert in the park

every summer the park near my mom's house has free concerts on thursdays. i took mason and dahlia and we walked there with christina, zena and my mom. we had a great time. the band was playing johnny cash songs. they were pretty good. i loved sitting in the park eating our picnic dinner and listening to the music. it was so nice out. mason, dahlia, and zena were not as impressed with the music. they thought the main entertainment was rolling down the hills.

after our lovely evening in the park we made the mistake of taking the kids to target. ugh. this could possibly have been the worst shopping trip with them yet. they were just too tired. they were insane. they ran around the store screaming and playing. they kept picking up random things and putting them in the basket. i ended up leaving things all over the store. i felt bad for the guy who has to restock the items but i didn't even know where they got the stuff. ugh. i should have known better. no shopping trips after running around all night at the park.

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