Wednesday, July 15, 2009

bird feeders

the kids and i did another little art project this week. we made pine cone bird feeders. it was so fun. first we went on a little nature walk in our front yard. we gathered some pine cones and then went to the store for the other supplies. we needed bird seed and peanut butter.

this was definitely an outside project. the kids spread the peanut butter (mixed with canola oil so the birds won't choke on it) on the pine cones and then rolled them in bird seed. the whole thing then gets hung up in the trees for bird snacking.

i think they had a great time making the bird feeders. i remember making these at girl scout camp when i was a kid. after getting good and sticky from all the peanut butter, the rest of the day was spent swimming and lounging on towels in the backyard. it was perfect.

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jennifer said...

That picture of the front yard looks like you are at the arboretum