Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mason's art

mason's artwork has really improved lately. he has just started drawing things that represent actual objects and animals. before they were mostly just abstract shapes. he is having so much fun drawing and painting. i love that he is so excited to create. the only down side is that we are going through art supplies like crazy. he could use up a whole pad of drawing paper in one sitting. i am going to go broke buying supplies.

he is also doing very well with learning to draw his letters and numbers. i am so happy to see him learn this. we don't have him in preschool and i am always worried he that he is behind. he is only three so i try not to obsess about it. i have no idea what kids his age are supposed to be doing. i did buy a kindergarten prep. book and have decided to dedicate some time alone with him every day to teach him. i will just add that to my daily list of things to do. yikes.


jennifer said...

I love the picture of the train.

ray said...
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ray said...

these are really cool! for some reason they remind me of
this artwork

in a good way, of course