Wednesday, June 16, 2010

cherry picking

my mom and dad invited everyone to go cherry picking with them this weekend. we loved it. i remember them stopping by my house two years ago after cherry picking with a huge box of cherries for miles and me. i was so surprised that they would drive so far and pick cherries for fun. the whole idea intrigued me so i was excited to be included this year in the cherry picking festivities. i completely get the fun now. it is so addicting. i could have picked far more cherries than we brought home. miles, mason, dahlia and i picked almost six pounds of cherries. this is obviously not enough because we have eaten half of them and it is only tuesday. jen and i are making plans to go pick some more next monday. the picking season is very short and we need to get moving.

my mom loves to pick cherries. she was so cute telling my dad that he has to take her cherry picking every year until she is unable to walk. they had a blast and picked almost ten pounds between the two of them and my niece zena. we even got my sister christina to come along. she was a very reluctant cherry picker but i think she had a good time. she kept making jokes about how she usually picks her cherries at ralphs.

we picked our cherries from villa del sol sweet cherry farms in leona valley. they are not crazy cheap. they cost $3.00 per pound. they are so good though. really. mmmmm. i really was thinking i would have enough to make a cherry cake and maybe a cherry pie, but they are so good to just snack on that we haven't cooked anything with them. that is why i can't wait to go back. thank goodness i have my sister jen and mom more than willing to come along.

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Stephanie said...

haha that totally sounds like Christina.

I bet your picks would make the most incredible cherry pie!