Thursday, June 17, 2010

a hammock

miles decided the family needs a hammock so we agreed to get one. he has been wanting a hammock for as long as we have lived here but there was always a question of where to hang it. we have one big tree for one side, but what about the other? we finally figured out that we could use the swing set for support on the other side. we ordered this hammock from rei. rei is one of my favorite stores to shop at. i get so inspired to be more outdoorsy every time i go there.

we have been in hammock heaven since miles set it up. the kids love the hammock. although i must say they have no idea how to relax in it. for them it is a big swing. i have tried to lay with them in the hammock and they were just jumping around in and out. completely missing the point of the hammock. even connor refused to just lay with me. i am going to have to work on teaching these kids how to relax. ha.

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