Wednesday, June 2, 2010

snow cones

last week while shopping i simply could not resist buying a snow cone machine. there was a very inexpensive one at target that was calling our names. after much deliberation over choosing the perfect flavors (blueberry lemonade and watermelon) and picking out all the cups and accessories needed the kids and i raced home to try it out. the fact that it was freezing cold that day did not deter us. we meant business. i am so happy to say that the snow cone machine is awesome. so easy to fill with ice and then just turn it on. no turning a hand crank for ten minutes only to get a thimble full of ice like the snoopy snow cone machine of my day. oh no. this baby does all the work for you. needless to say snow cones have been requested for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day since this amazing little machine arrived at our house. of course not every meal can be accompanied by a snow cone but we are having our fair share. i think this will be a favorite all summer long.

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