Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more cherries!

yes, we have gone a little cherry crazy around here. jen and i drove out with the kids to go cherry picking one more time. it was so fun. not as much fun as the first time with the whole family but almost. we picked 10 pounds each. oh my. i think we might have picked too many. though i did read that you can pit them and then freeze them for future baking so i think i will do that with some. we picked rainier and bing cherries this time. i love the rainer cherries. they are my favorite.

when i got home i tried baking my first dessert with the cherries. i made a cherry cobbler. miles requested it. it was good, but i really want to make a pie. i don't know why making a pie seems like such a big project. i think it is the crust. i am going to do it. it is officially on the list of things to do.

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