Thursday, June 3, 2010

the huntington gardens

we went back to the huntington gardens today. we didn't get to see everything last time so we decided a second trip was in order. we spent most of our time at the children's garden this time. there were lots of tunnels for the kids to run through. they also had water fountains to play with, and a magnet with iron dust for the children to sculpt. the kids ran around there for at least an hour. it was so hot out today. we were all worn out when it was time to go.

of course we couldn't leave before seeing the amorphophallus titanum (a.k.a. the corpse flower) that is getting ready to bloom any day now. when the blooms open on this extremely rare plant it emits a smell of rotting flesh. this enormous flower is over three feet tall. it would be cool to see and smell it blooming, but i think we will just have to check back online to see what it looks like.

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