Tuesday, June 8, 2010


we registered mason to start kindergarten in the fall. i am not very happy about this. we went last week to the open house and i was so disappointed when i saw his school i started to cry. just a little bit. it was not at all what i was expecting. i think i was expecting it to look like the school i went to in orange county when i was a kid. mason's school is a public school in los angeles. it looks really old and kind of crappy. the old part doesn't bother me as much as the crappy part. it doesn't really look very clean or nice at all. the classrooms were very crowded with too much stuff on every wall. it looked like a mess. i really hated it. i was holding mason's hand very tightly thinking "i do not want my son to go to school here."

after we got home i spent the whole evening researching private schools near us. they are way too expensive. we just can't afford private school right now. i got increasingly desperate and researched home schooling. i don't know about home schooling. i would love to do it i just don't know if it would be the best thing for mason. i think he is really craving the interaction with other kids his age.

miles and i had a long talk about it and i reluctantly agreed to enroll him in the public school. we are going to try it out. mason is only four years old and won't be five until october so we really could wait a year to start school. that is the option i really would like to go with but we will try this. the school he will be in got really good testing scores and miles thinks this is more important than how the school looks. i agree but i really think it is about the whole package. meanwhile i am praying that next year we will be living some where else that has a better school. i really can not wait to move.

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