Wednesday, June 30, 2010

8 months

oh my. my little connor has had an exciting month. he is now 16 pounds. he is gaining weight quickly. he loves to eat his baby food. i don't think we ever had such a good eater. he gets really excited when it is meal time. he especially loves his cheerios. i take the box out of the cupboard and he kicks his legs in anticipation. he still doesn't have any teeth yet, but i think they should be coming in soon.

he is not crawling but he has picked up speed with the scooting around quite a bit. man that little guy can get around. he sits up really well unattended and the other day i walked into the bedroom and saw him standing in his crib. yikes. that was a first. we had to move his mattress down a notch. i love to watch him play with mason and dahlia. they are so cute together. he can interact more with them and they love to make him laugh.

he has not been so good with sleeping lately. his naps during the day tend to be short and then at night he will wake 3 or 4 times. ugh. i am one sleepy mama. when does the always being sleepy part end?

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