Monday, June 25, 2012

beach day

jen and i were very brave and decided to take the kids to the beach all by ourselves. it turned out great. instead of walking we drove and parked at the beach. it is only a short walk from jen's house but there are lots of stairs involved and it is just too difficult without the men along to help us. i figured the seven dollars to park the car is well worth it to not have to carry a heavy stroller up and down stairs while making sure three little kids don't get run over by cars on pch.

the kids had a blast. mason, dahlia, and bodhi wanted to spend all their time in the ocean running and jumping in the waves. connor and kira were happier playing in the sand by our towels. jen and i split up and i was on wave duty while she watched the little ones playing in the sand. we stayed for over two hours and then it was time to head home. we gave the kids bathes and ordered pizza for dinner. what a fun day. everything turned out so good i can't wait to go again.

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Stephanie said...

Is it weird that Kira & I have the same sunglasses? haha. Looks like you had a good time.