Thursday, June 7, 2012

show week

mason, dahlia, and bodhi had their end of the year gym performance at the little gym today. they call it show week. it is really cute. the parents and siblings get to go into the gym and sit and watch each kid do their routine. there is a floor, uneven bars, and balance beam routine.

they all do the same thing and it is really cute to watch. they get so excited to see you in the gym watching them. they start off the show playing music from the olympics and introducing all the children. they come running out and do an assisted flip.

at the end of the show they had all the kids come up one at a time to the podium and receive a metal. dahlia was beyond excited to get a metal. she kept saying "i can't believe i got a metal." mason was asking me if the metal was real gold. so funny. i just love these little kids. they did a great job. i am really looking forward to another year of gymnastics and watching their skills develop.

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