Thursday, June 14, 2012

hello summer

today was the last day of school. it was actually kind of sad. when i picked up mason after school a bunch of the kids were crying. they all love their teacher. they were all so sad to leave her. mason's teacher said that mason was tearing up too. he seemed pretty down. she has been his teacher for two years now and he is really attached. i don't remember the kids being so emotional last year. it was really sweet though. they are all such nice kids. i am sad to have the year end. i have been kind of depressed about it all week.

when we went home we surprised mason with a big sign that said hello summer. dahlia and i painted it this morning. the kids got to run through it and tear it. i spoiled them and had little presents for them. we had fun the rest of the day. i took them to gym class and then jen, bodhi, and kira came over for dinner. i am sure when we don't have to wake up mason early tomorrow he will be happy it is summer.

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