Friday, June 29, 2012

swimming lessons

we started swimming lessons last week. we are taking them at the same place. the rose bowl aquatic center in pasadena. this year mason and dahlia are in separate classes. dahlia is in the preschool class and mason is in the school age class. i was worried they would be sad but they didn't mind at all. i think it is actually good for them. maybe they will focus more and not be distracted by each other.

they loved the classes. they got right in the water without any complaining. mason's class seemed to move a little quicker than dahlia's even though they are the same level. maybe they just take it slower with the younger kids. they both are doing really well. they are so confident now that they want to swim without any floaties at all when we are in our friends pool. it is great. now i need to get connor in a class. maybe i will sign him up for a saturday class. he is still too young for the classes without a parent in the pool so it would have to be a weekend class. it will be so nice to have them all swimming.

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