Monday, June 18, 2012

cherry time

we went cherry picking today. yay for cherries. we went to the same place. villa del sol in leona valley. i forgot what a long drive it is. it is 65 miles from us. i took my three kids and met my mom, two of my sisters, and their kids there. we picked cherries for almost two hours. we had to pull my mom out of there. she would have stayed and picked for another two hours. she loves to pick cherries. so do i. it is really fun. dahlia and mason picked almost eight pounds. yikes. i don't know what i am going to do with all these cherries. i also bought some of their local raw honey. i bought it before and it is really good.

as soon as we got home dahlia insisted on sorting all the cherries by type. rainier in one bowl and bing in another. so cute. then she had me pull out the cherry chomper from last year and pitted enough so we could make a cherry cake. whew. i was so tired. i really didn't want to make a cake but she insisted. we made our usual cherry crumb cake and it is super good. really though just the cherries by themselves are perfect. hurray for june cherry picking.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been at my computer for weeks it seems but i got on today and paid some overdue bills and just HAD to check out your blog. Love the photos of course and i appreciate getting th news updates, glad you're all so busy. i hope to be able to come for a visit soon. love, granny (mom)

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