Tuesday, June 5, 2012


jen came over with bodhi and kira and we took all the kids to a children's museum in pasadena called kidspace. they have a free day the first tuesday of the month from 4 to 8. we got there at 4:15 and it was completely packed with kids. it was very overwhelming to try to keep track of my three. they all seemed to be running in different directions.

luckily it was really only the first room that was crazy. that was the room with all the climbing towers and tunnels. there was a second room called the nature exchange filled with shells, rocks, fossils, and dead insects. the kids loved this room and had a great time looking at all the different shells.

after the nature room we went outside to explore the grounds. they had gardens that we walked around and outdoor climbers that they had a great time playing on. there was lots of water play areas but luckily the kids didn't play in these. i hadn't brought a change of clothes for them so i didn't want them to get wet.

before we left there was a short concert of polynesian music in their outdoor amphitheater. they also had dancers doing a traditional polynesian dance. it was really cool. i loved the music.

i would definitely go back there for another free day. the crowds were a bit of a drag but it was a really fun place for the kids.

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