Sunday, June 17, 2012

fathers day

we celebrated fathers day at my sister christina's house this year. we usually get together at my house but after hosting mothers day i was happy to take a break. it was a fun day. it was super hot out. miles and i brought our big blow up pool and set it up in the backyard for the kids to swim. they had a blast splashing around.

my dad bought christina a new grill so we could cook some steaks. i'm not sure how she managed to get a gift on fathers day. lucky girl. for some reason i ended up cooking again. hmmmm. my mom asked me to cook the brussels sprouts and salmon while my brother grilled the steaks and corn on the cob. christina made her yummy salad. everything was delicious. my dad had his birthday two days ago so we sang happy birthday to him. i brought a cake from portos that was definitely not as good as my homemade carrot cake. next time i will definitely bake my own.

the kids and i made our homemade barbecue sauce again this year for the dads. all three kids colored pictures for the labels. mason did the writing. i think they look so cute. we also surprised miles with a car washing kit. hint hint. now i just need to get him to use it. i hope all the dad's had a great day.

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