Thursday, July 1, 2010

i found it!

i found my wedding ring! oh my gosh this is just the best news ever. my wedding ring has been missing for six months. i realize this news would be more dramatic if i had published the post explaining when i lost it, but i was too sad to finish writing it. i had replayed the moment that i lost it so many times in my mind. going over every detail trying to figure out what had happened to it. it played like a csi episode where you can see the trajectory of the bullet in slow motion as they try to recreate the crime scene.

on new years eve we were getting ready for a party at our house. our guests were just starting to show up and i was rushing to get dressed. my sister christina was in the bedroom with me combing dahlia's hair when i reached for my necklace. the necklace caught on my wedding ring and dragged it along to the edge of the shelf where it fell. i heard one ping and then nothing. i remember telling christina that i had just dropped my ring and could she look for it by her foot. was she stepping on it? we looked and could not find it. i searched all over the floor and then called miles to help me. everyone was soon searching for the ring that must be right there. i mean i just dropped it. where could it go? after a good half hour to hour of looking i decided to not worry about it that evening and just find it in the morning. we were having a party after all.

starting january first i looked everywhere for the ring. i started to doubt that i saw it fall and broadened the search to the whole house. i searched though many closets that hadn't been cleaned since i moved in. i went through 25 bags of trash. yes 25 bags. this was the christmas trash. ugh. i had the rubber gloves on and looked through every piece. just in case it had been thrown away. gross. we took the doors off of the closet and looked in every corner. i took every single thing out of miles closet and looked through it. after two weeks of looking i sort of gave up and hoped that it would just show up one day. i often wished i could go back to that moment it fell and just slow down. not pull my necklace so quickly so it wouldn't catch onto my ring.

so last night i was laying in bed unable to sleep thinking about my ring wondering where it was and if i would ever see it again. i got out of bed and laid on the floor where the ring fell. i noticed there was a very small gap, less than half an inch between the bottom of the last drawer on the vanity and where the frame met it. perhaps the ring bounced off the ground and into that gap. i was going to look that instant but connor started crying so i waited until morning. first thing when i woke up i asked miles if he ever pulled out the vanity drawers and looked there. he said he did and i could vaguely remember him doing so. i decided to look anyway and pulled out the drawer and shined my flashlight in there. there it was. just sitting on the wood floor. i can't believe it. i never thought i would see it again. i have never been so happy to see an inanimate object.

i really never thought i could be so attached to an object. i would just think about the ring missing and cry. it really could never be replaced. even if miles bought me another one it would not be the one that we exchanged our vows with. i love that ring. i pulled the ring out, kissed it and checked to be sure that it was the real thing. there on the inside of the ring was the inscription proclaiming how much miles loves me, "more than chocolate cake."


Stephanie said...

I absolutely hate that feeling! So glad you found it :) I always wondered what your blog title meant, now I know.

I once lost one of the diamond earrings my parent's got me for my 16th birthday. Then, 2 months later my cat was playing with something stuck in the carpet and there it was! I squeezed my cat I was so happy.

jennifer said...

oh this brought tears to my eyes. I would be so sad if I lost my ring. I couldn't agree more that even if it was replaced it would not be the same. I knew it just had to be there somewhere