Sunday, October 30, 2011

connor is two

connor is two years old today. he is such a cutie pie. i love him so much. i can't believe how fast these two years have gone by. he still seems little so that makes me happy. he is 24 pounds and 33 inches tall. that puts him at 10% for weight and 25% for height.

he doesn't talk very much. i would say he only knows about 20 words. he has put two words together so that is good. our pediatrician said he should know around 50 words. i am not worried. he is learning more every day.

he is super sweet. i find it facinating how his interests are different from masons. mason was all about trains when he was two. connor is really into dinosaurs and dogs. he loves to line up all the toy dinosaurs in a row. his favorite book is dinosaur roar. so cute. he carries that book everywhere. it is getting pretty thrashed. he loves to play with dahlia. they will play with their baby dolls together. they are so cute. he has a baby doll that is his. he also loves to dance with her. they play music from this baby toy rocking horse and dance for me. he is super thoughtful always sharing his food and helping me clean up. what a doll. happy birthday baby. mommy loves you.

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