Wednesday, October 5, 2011


mason turned six years old today. that is just crazy. i can't believe my little baby boy is now six. we had a really busy day. i was up very late (or should i say very early since i never made it back to bed) making sugar cookies to bring to mason's class. they were star wars themed and shaped like the millennium falcon, vader's tie fighter, the x-wing fighter, and the death star. i got the cookie cutters from williams-sonoma. i thought they turned out pretty good.

it poured rain all day today. i usually love the rain but i had to run out with connor and dahlia to buy juice boxes and napkins and then deliver everything to mason's school for a little class birthday celebration. the rain made things a little difficult. why did i wait until the last moment to do this???

the class party was so cute. everyone sang happy birthday to mason and then they enjoyed their treats. mason of course chose andrew to sit next to him. they are still best friends. mason is really a sweet kid. he is such a loyal friend.

the first thing mason wanted to do when he got home was open his birthday present. it was a star wars lego set of course. he spent the rest of the day playing legos and hanging out with granny who had come to visit today. when miles got home we all had fish tacos for dinner. we later sang happy birthday and had homemade chocolate cake. it was a great day. happy birthday mason. mommy loves you very much.

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