Saturday, October 22, 2011

froggy party

we went to the cutest party ever today. it was for a friend's son nicky. he is turning three. they had a froggy theme that was just adorable. the decorations were very well done with froggy masks and party hats. they had this incredible cake that looked like a frog pond. tons of cupcakes in cute little polka dot wrappers. really sweet.

there was a bounce house for the kids which was fun. they grilled chicken and had lots of yummy food. it was so nice because it was all very laid back and relaxing. it felt like a summer barbeque instead of a kid party. there was a huge pile of fall leaves that had been raked into the center of the grass. the kids had a blast playing in the leaves. dahlia thought this was the most fun ever. it was actually very beautiful that big pile of leaves.

i really wish we could have stayed until the very end. we were having so much fun but tomorrow is mason and connor's party so we had to go after the cake was served. it's ok. it was after seven and the kids were super tired. they all got to take home a polka dot box with a frog night light inside that changes colors. such a nice party favor.

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