Friday, October 7, 2011

pretend city

we had such a great day today. i took the kids to pretend city in irvine. jen met us there with bodhi and kira. i also picked up zena so she could come with us.

pretend city is this really cute kids museum that looks like a little town. it is completely interactive. the town has a grocery store, small farm, theater, house, fire station, police station, construction site, beach, fishing center, cafe, library, post office, doctor's office, dentist office, and art studio. it is really cool. the kids can dress up in uniforms for the different jobs and pretend to work. dahlia and bodhi loved playing in the cafe cooking, connor had a ball dancing on the theater stage and trying to catch fish in the little pond. mason also loved the pond and had a great time building things at the construction site. they were so cute dressing up at every center.

each child gets a time card when they come in. they can earn a stamp at each center where they have worked. when the card is filled they turn it in at the atm and get some pretend money. you can also earn pretend money working on the farm. you can spend your pretend money at the grocery store. so cute. i think this was zena's favorite part. the kids ended up bringing home a bunch of pretend money. i guess we will be having our own pretend grocery store at home.

there is so much to do there. we stayed for over two hours and the kids were sad to leave. i would definitely go back if i could get another coupon. it is a little expensive without one.

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