Monday, October 24, 2011

lego star wars party

we had mason and connor's birthday party yesterday. it was so much fun. mason of course chose a lego star wars theme. i thought this was a great idea for a party. he is crazy about legos and star wars so it is the perfect combo.

this was the first year that we got a bounce house for the kids. i was a bit apprehensive about the whole process but it was super easy. we ordered ours from jump for fun. they didn't have a star wars bounce house so i got the plain one and i loved it because the front and sides were plain nets and you could see in without peeking through little windows. it made it easier to keep an eye on what was going on inside.

i didn't get too crazy with the decorations for this party. i made paper light covers with lego star wars pictures to cover these battery powered lights. i also made stickers of all the lego star wars characters and ships to put on bags filled with pop corn. we had star wars lego space ships on the tables but mason kept grabbing them and playing with them. miles also made a funny sign that said "use the forks" by the utensils.

we served sandwiches and salads, fruit and veggie trays, chips and dip. simple but yummy. i used a star wars sandwich cutter for the kids sandwiches. for dessert i ordered these organic whole grain cakes from whole foods. i was very disappointed because one was supposed to be white and the other chocolate but they messed up and made them both white. it was ok. they gave them to us for 50% off. that was nice. i would not order them again though. they were just ok. we also had some amazing star wars sugar cookies that my sister jen made. yum yum.

the kids all got to take home an inflatable light saber that lights up when you squeeze it. they also got a lego kit to build a space ship that mason designed. we bought pieces to make the ships from the loose lego bins at the lego store. miles then went online and created directions on how to build it at the lego website. we put all the kits together with a sign that said thanks for coming. the whole process was very fun and mason loved handing out one of his creations.

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